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Listed below are our featured nationwide process service companies, specialists at serving court documents and subpoenas to Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents. We are presenting you with the best process servers who earned their reputation by receiving the most five start reviews and a highly sought after listing below. To get started, click on the email button of any one or all listed national process service companies below.

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Arnie's Process Serving and Court Services

Arnold Pasternack

Process Server for Registered Agents

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Amanda Quick

Process Server for Registered Agents

Christiansen Services

Robert Christiansen

Process Server for Registered Agents

ABC Process and Court Services

Bari Galloway

Process Server for Registered Agents

Experienced Process Servers specializing in serving registered agents demonstrate exceptional proficiency in personally delivering legal documents such as lawsuits, court orders, notifications, writs, garnishments, and efficiently managing subpoenas. With a flawless track record, our Process Servers have successfully operated in all registered agent offices nationwide. Explore this directory to effortlessly locate these skilled Process Servers strategically positioned and deeply committed to serving your designated registered agent throughout the United States.

Experience a hassle-free and guaranteed service of process directed at any Registered Agent across the United States. To initiate service, simply click on your desired state. You'll be directed to a page offering a curated selection of accredited Process Servers and a comprehensive list of Registered Agents. In case you're unfamiliar with the Registered Agent's location, employ our search function to easily identify Registered Agents by name and state address.

What is a BOC-3 Registered Agent and Why is it Referenced Here?

BOC-3 Registered Agents are specifically appointed entities tasked with acting as the official legal representatives for companies involved in interstate trade within the United States. These designated agents play a crucial role in ensuring that these businesses adhere to federal regulations and are capable of receiving legal papers and notifications on behalf of the company, regardless of the state in which it conducts its operations. By fulfilling this role, BOC-3 agents facilitate effective communication and legal compliance for businesses that operate across state boundaries.

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Below are a few instances illustrating the kinds of companies that BOC-3 Registered Agents represent, all of which are established businesses engaged in interstate activities:

  • Auto Transporters
  • Commercial Vehicle Lessors
  • Courier and Delivery Services
  • Freight Brokers
  • Interstate Trucking Companies
  • Moving Companies
  • Passenger Carriers

BOC-3 registered agents help these companies fulfill legal requirements for operating in multiple states by receiving important documents and notices on their behalf, ensuring compliance with federal regulations and maintaining effective communication across various jurisdictions.

What is the difference between a Registered Agent and a BOC-3 Agent?

Registered Agents and a BOC-3 Agents are both individuals or entities designated to handle specific legal responsibilities for a business, but they serve distinct functions, primarily related to different aspects of business compliance:

Registered Agents Explained:

A Registered Agent is also known as a "statutory agent," "resident agent," or "agent for service of process." Every business entity, whether it's a corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Company), or other forms of legal entities, is typically required by law to have a Registered Agent in the state where the business is registered or operates. The primary role of a Registered Agent is to serve as the official point of contact for receiving legal documents and notices on behalf of the business. This includes documents like lawsuits, tax notices, and state filings. The Registered Agent's address is typically the business's official address for receiving legal documents. This ensures that the business is promptly notified of any legal issues or compliance matters within the state.

BOC-3 Agents Explained:

BOC-3 Agent stands for "Blanket of Coverage Form 3" agent. It is a specific type of registered agent but with a focus on interstate commerce within the United States. BOC-3 agents are designated to handle the legal representation and compliance needs of businesses involved in interstate commerce. They are particularly relevant for companies that operate across state lines or are involved in transporting goods or services across state boundaries. The primary function of a BOC-3 Agent is to facilitate legal compliance for businesses engaged in interstate commerce by ensuring they can receive legal documents and notices in any state where they operate. BOC-3 Agents are named after the federal filing form they use, which allows them to designate process agents (individuals or entities) in various states where the business conducts interstate operations.

In summary, while both Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents play crucial roles in ensuring legal compliance, Registered Agents focus on intra-state matters and are required for any business entity, while BOC-3 Agents specifically address the needs of businesses engaged in interstate commerce within the United States. Businesses may need both types of agents if they operate both within their home state and across state lines.

Registered Agents, BOC-3 Agents, and Process Servers Make Serving Them Easy

The Process Servers featured within this directory are strategically positioned in close proximity to Registered Agent and BOC3 Agent offices, renowned for their prompt and accurate service of process.

Our listed Process Servers possess specialized expertise in delivering court documents, legal notices, demands, urgent papers, and subpoenas to all Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents, with a particular focus on trucking companies, commercial transporters, carrier services, forwarders, and various other commercial vehicle enterprises. Rest assured, whether your target Registered Agent falls within the mentioned sectors or not, the Process Servers listed in this directory extend their services to all Registered Agents,. BOC3 Agents and corporate entities, irrespective of their business sector.

What Drives Attorneys to Engage Process Servers for Serving Process Upon Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents?

Attorneys engage process servers to serve legal documents upon Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents for two key reasons:

Legal Compliance: Serving legal documents, such as lawsuits or court summons, to Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents ensures that businesses operating across states receive official notifications as required by law. This compliance is vital for the legal process to proceed effectively.

Jurisdictional Requirements: Businesses often operate in multiple states, making it necessary to serve legal documents in each relevant jurisdiction. Process servers are skilled in navigating the specific rules and regulations of each jurisdiction to ensure proper service.

In essence, attorneys rely on process servers to guarantee that legal actions against businesses are valid, legally sound, and adhere to the appropriate jurisdictional rules, whether involving Registered Agents or BOC-3 Agents.

Envision a realm where Process Servers become the conduits of connection, navigating the corridors of Registered Agent and BOC-3 Agent Offices in person.

Within this directory, they operate with a hands-on approach, abstaining from the realm of calls or emails to Registered Agents. Thus, they stand without telephone numbers or email addresses in their arsenal, reserving their prowess exclusively for on-site engagements.

The prestigious Nationwide Registered Agents Directory showcases a distinguished roster of Process Servers, whose exceptional dedication and expertise have led them to serve a select group of Registered Agents with unparalleled frequency, surpassing all others throughout the entire nation.

The Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents Listed Below are The Most Popular in the Nation and are Frequently Served by our Authorized Process Servers

Computershare, Inc.

Computershare, Inc. stands as a prominent Registered Agent within the United States. This renowned entity is distinguished by its swiftly expanding clientele and its ownership of Corporate Creations Network. Clicking on Computershare, Inc. unveils a comprehensive list of its office locations across the U.S.

CT Corporation

CT Corporation Systems holds the title of the largest Registered Agent within the United States, and it prides itself on accepting service of process for a greater number of entities compared to any other Registered Agents. Explore CT Corp to unveil a comprehensive list of office locations throughout the U.S.

Corporate Service Company

Corporate Service Company, recognized also as CSC Lawyers Service, emerges as one of the premier Registered Agents nationwide. This esteemed entity holds a position among the largest in the country. By selecting Corporate Service Company, you can unveil a comprehensive compilation of office locations spanning across the United States.

Corporate Creations Network

Like other prominent Registered Agents across the nation, Corporation Creations Network, Inc. ranks among the largest entities within the United States. Should you choose to explore Corporation Creations Network, you'll gain insights into its extensive network of office locations throughout the U.S.


NRAI, recognized as National Registered Agents, Inc., stands as a highly renowned Registered Agent Service Company in the United States. It boasts significant popularity and is under the ownership of CT Corporations. By clicking on NRAI, you'll uncover a comprehensive listing of office locations across the U.S.

Discover Registered Agents and the Private Process Servers who Serve Them

Efficient Delivery of Court Papers, Urgent Documents, and Subpoenas to Registered Agents.

This directory is a haven for specialized Process Servers, offering a streamlined solution for simplifying the service of process on corporate entities through their Registered Agents.

Experience the expertise of locally-based and authorized Process Servers who provide flat fee pricing, regardless of the office's location.

Process Servers establish a direct line to any Registered Agent across the United States. These adept professionals specialize in delivering subpoenas, demand letters, notifications, and serving court-issued documents to Registered Agents on behalf of corporate entities, particularly in the trucking and transportation sector.

For the very first time in history, attorneys, law firms, and paralegal experts seeking Registered Agents, BOC-3 Agents, and Process Servers for urgent court document delivery and service of process can rely on a singular directory. This directory is your ultimate destination to find Process Servers proficient in serving Registered Agents in ALL FIFTY STATES, as well as D.C., Puerto Rico, and all U.S. Territories.

As you acquaint yourself with this comprehensive directory, navigation will be a breeze. It's an invaluable resource for enlisting a Process Server and locating the Registered Agent associated with the corporate entity requiring service of process. When selecting a Process Server to handle legal processes or document deliveries through a Registered Agent, ensure accuracy in spelling the corporate entity's name (as listed with the secretary of state) and the Registered Agent's address.

We stress the significance of precise corporate entity naming and accurate Registered agent details to ensure seamless service of process. Accurate spelling is essential; most Registered Agents will readily accept service of process and legal documents as long as the entity name is correctly spelled. Any mistakes in spelling or missing characters can lead to the rejection of your service.

Embrace the convenience of this directory to save time, obtain vital information, and effortlessly gather data about Registered Agents and the Process Servers who cater to them. We encourage you to delve into our directory, exploring the depth of information and extensive contacts it provides.

Dedicated Services for Formal Process Serving and Urgent Document Delivery exclusively at Registered Agent and BOC-3 Agent Offices

Process Servers found in this directory are known for perfecting service of process in accordance with applicable statutes and the way the Registered Agent requires. A successful interaction and service of process with the Registered Agent of your choice, is guaranteed,

Swift Timing for Your Service Request at All Registered Agent Offices

Every Process Server listed in this directory is adept at managing services on an expedited basis. When you choose a Process Server from our local roster, you're collaborating with the foremost and most experienced professional in the region. Assuredly, you'll benefit from impeccable timing and successful outcomes for critical services.

Simplifying Service upon Registered Agents and BOC-3 Agents

Streamlining the process of serving Registered Agents is our priority. Our Process Servers conveniently accept documents via email. Furthermore, your proof of service/affidavit will be promptly returned to you via email. Should you prefer traditional hard copies, that option is available as well.

Submitting this form guarantees direct access to office administrators who possess extensive knowledge about Registered Agents, BOC-3 Agents, and the Process Servers dedicated to Serving them. Opting for this form-based communication is advised for a thorough and efficient response, surpassing the effectiveness of phone calls.

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