THE MISSION OF THIS BOC-3 Agent and Registered Agent Directory Used for Finding Process Servers


The Process Servers listed specialize in expertly handling service of process for Registered Agent offices. Our expansive network of Process Servers spans nationwide, enabling service for any BOC-3 Agent or Registered Agent across the country. Effective service of process demands precision, clarity, and a commitment to professionalism in representing your matter.

How Frequent is Unsuccessful Service of Process Upon BOC3 Agents and Registered Agents?

The Process Servers featured in our directory maintain a 100% success rate with serving Registered Agents, provided your documents are accurately prepared.

Our network of Process Servers believes in fostering mutually beneficial relationships by adding value beyond expectations. They consistently exceed anticipated standards, genuinely invested in the success of their service. Their dedication to service quality and meticulous approach shine through every step of the process.

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Process Servers adhere to timely service, barring unforeseen circumstances that may hinder the execution of their duties.

The Primary Benefit of Engaging a Process Server Listed in the Directory for the Purposes of Serving Process Upon a Registered Agents or BOC3 Agent

Starting with the initial contact, they put in every effort to ensure you receive follow-ups through emails and/or phone calls. You'll stay informed about the progress of your service.

Guaranteed Ethical Conduct of Process Servers Listed in this Directory

Process Servers featured in this directory commit to upholding the utmost standards of ethical behavior while representing their clients' interests and executing service of process efficiently and promptly upon Registered Agents. Their commitments include:

1. Client Responsibilities

All tasks will be carried out lawfully, professionally, and ethically. During process serving activities, nothing will be undertaken that could tarnish the reputation of clients or agents. Measures have been implemented to prevent any appearance of impropriety and to safeguard clients' rights, interests, and confidentiality.

2. Affidavits, Returns, and Service Proofs

Affidavits, returns, and proofs of service will be promptly provided upon completion. Similarly, affidavits, returns, or proofs of non-service, if any, will be promptly furnished.

3. Fees and Expenditures

All received assignments undergo review to ensure cost-effectiveness and timely execution of service.

The streamlined and systematic approach to service of process simplifies your responsibilities, facilitating proper and efficient legal proceedings. optimizes your time and minimizes your workload by connecting you with the most skilled and reliable local Process Servers who are dedicated to your specific requirements. Each listed Process Server becomes your singular point of contact, ensuring accountability and precision.

Mission - Proper, Efficient and Quick Services at BOC-3 Agent and Registered Agent Offices

The mission of our Process Servers is to provide the best process serving services, customer service and follow up and to exceed the expectations of their clients regarding the quality and value of proper delivery and service of process documents


The vision and goal of our Process Servers is to make you happy, content, reduce your stress and to assure all services are handled to perfection.

Essential Values

  • Process Services believe in the main ingredient to creating a genuinely great relationship leading to success is to live by transparent and honest values that guide all services to successful conclusion.
  • Service of process transactions will be fairly priced, professionally performed, pleasant, courteous, and on time, all the time.
  • Process Servers who make commitments with your needs in mind, and then live up to them.
  • Process Servers who serve and deliver faster than they promise.
  • Process Servers who will always be responsive to you.
  • Process Servers who pledge complete honesty and integrity every step of the way.
  • Process Servers who believe your service is part of what makes their life meaningful will be treated as such.
  • Process Servers who are fee conscious. Process Servers assure you the best fees and services.
  • Process Servers who are competitive, and will out serve, delivery faster and attain outstanding results better than any other Process Servers.
  • Process Servers who respect the individual, believe individuals who are treated with respect, and given responsibility respond by giving their best.

Select from a roster of top-tier Process Servers renowned for their expertise in serving both Registered Agents and BOC3 Agents across the United States and its territories. Get in touch now for a prompt quotation.: